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  1. Allan (AJ) Wright


  2. Laura Schmalzl

    I may have to drive over from Carnage 2012 to take a look. I will try to keep an open mind until after the visit. I do like the addition of “kitchen” in the description! Reminds me of another location, good/quick food was not available; when I did a spaghetti supper for the guys! must see..

  3. Wayne Moulton

    Bah, sadly that is the weekend of our Robotics competition at UNH. Maybe next year!

  4. Gary Bobar

    Pray it doesn’t snow. I used to work in that area and have a son-in-law who still does. Route 4 is steep in this area and snow could be a problem (expect it, but also plan on it. It is a major Vermont road and well taken care of). For my part, it isn’t any farther than Morey, only slower driving, but I like the change. I won’t get into the “Morey Rooming Mess” of 2011, but feel this will be a positive change — not only are there about 70 more rooms, but it has a top-notch restaurant. Definitely on my to-do list.

    Well, that’s my two-bits.

  5. Bruce Heroux

    Thank you guys for listening to your devoted fans. I went one year where I was in a motel instead of the resort, it was very inconvenient. But with room availabilty increasing, I will be able to attend every year. Love you guys, keep it up!

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  7. Bill Lawson

    Fantastic!! My backyard!

  8. Allen Fleishman

    Congratulations. I couldn’t find a room at Lake Morey for this and the last two years, so I didn’t go. With 200 rooms, 2013 sounds like I can go.

    Thank you for being responsive to your gamers.

  9. John Underhill

    I was so excited about the new change I tried to book my room and to get some rates,
    the site said that these are not available yet. Do you know when they take reservations for carnage 2013?

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  11. John Underhill

    I just can not do it online currently…. funny they go out 3 years for making reservations but say that they have no prices…hmmmm.

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