Convention Book Addendum

Sometimes games don’t make it to the Carnage staff in time to be included in the printed book that’s sent out to everyone on our mailing list. When that happens, those games come here to the addendum page. These are the latecomers and the last minute switch-ups, but don’t let that bias your opinion. They’re still gosh darn good gaming.

Updates, Clarifications

Board Games

  • B39, B40 Battlestar Galactica: 3rd Annual-Daybreak Style! are concurrent sessions of Battlestar Galactica.
  • B47 Ora et Labora runs Saturday 8a-12p, not Sunday 8a-12p.
  • B68 Middle Earth Quest runs Saturday 7p-11p, not Saturday 1p-5p.
  • B97 Twilight Imperium‘s GM is Lon Tatro.
  • B120 Catacombs at 2pm on Sunday, not 1pm.

Historical Miniatures

  • H16 Flames of War! Late War 1600 point Tournament‘s contact address is
  • H26 Memoir 44: Tigers in the Snow is a duplicate. Use event code WB67.


Fantasy Miniatures

  • F32 The Green Monster in the Green Mountains (GM: Leo Gallant & Pete Landry) Can the visiting Yanks dent the Fenway fortress? Easy rules, fun to play, any level of baseball knowledge welcome to try. (2-6 Players) (Saturday 9a-11p)

Historical Miniatures

  • H34 The Damn Bridge! (GM: Rich Wallace) A confederate scouting party has stumbled across a small town where a union gunboat is in dry dock for repairs. The commanding officer has decided to attack the town. the catch is, only way to assault the town is over a bridge! Carnage and Glory 2 (4-6 Players) (Sunday 8a-12p)

Role-Playing Games

  • R133 Welcome to the Ankh-Morpork City Guard (GM: Tom Mechler) Step into the most famous (and most corrupt and polluted) city on Terry Pratchett’s Discworld! You will be playing one of the diligent, multi-cultural, and sometimes repugnant coppers of the City Watch. It’s your first night on the job. What could go wrong? This game will use the FATE system to capture the comedy and wit of Pratchett’s stories, and you will bring them to life while playing Carrot, Nobby, Angua, and other favorite characters. Familiarity with the system is not required; familiarity with the books would be very helpful. This one will be fun! FATE (4-6 Players) (Sat 1pm-5pm)
  • R134 Heroes of Altamira, Episode 1: The Road to Altamira (or Players’ Choice) (GM: Mark Edwards) In Episode 1: The Road to Altamira, heroes encounter villainous bandits, a desperate cry for help, unheard of scientific inventions, and an ever-deepening mystery, just a typical day in the life of a hero, on the road to Altamira. NOTE: if there is enough interest in other HoA offerings, any of the currently released events (Episodes 1-6) can be run. 7th Sea (Fri 1pm-5pm)
  • R135 Heroes of Altamira, Episode 2: Fear and Surprise (or Players’ Choice) (GM: Mark Edwards) In Episode 2: Fear and Surprise, a kidnapping in the dark of the night leads to a masked man and an implacable enemy without mercy.  And if they aren’t careful, the heroes could be next on the chopping block. NOTE: if there is enough interest in other HoA offerings, any of the currently released events (Episodes 1-6) can be run. 7th Sea (Fri 7pm-11pm)
  • R136 Lands Bereft (GM: Toby MacNutt) Strange fungi are floating in the river, woodland creatures are dead or vanished, and crops are failing. The Tengu forest settlement known only as the Nest has existed in idyllic seclusion for generations, but as the land itself begins to decompose, they must travel to the great and hallowed mountain – or beyond – in search of answers. Venture out into the uncharted wilderness in this original adventure, designed to highlight the unique features of the crowlike Tengu race, the Ultimate Combat guide’s Eastern setting elements, and some new custom archetypes and creatures, with a focus on exploration and problem-solving. Choice of characters provided; archetype and bestiary information available as a take-home. Pathfinder (4-6 Players) (Sat 1pm-5pm)
  • R137 The Haunting of Harrowstone (GM: Hunter Emery Room: Chandelier) Grave news: You receive word that your long-time friend and mentor, Professor Lorrimor, has died under mysterious circumstances: you travel to the small, isolated town of Ravengro, in Ustalav, to attend his burial, but learn that there’s mysterious goings-on in this odd town, but even stranger things happening in the burned-out remains of Harrowstone, the old prison outside of town… you and your companions must go to Harrowstone, not only to try and figure out what Professor Lorrimor was doing there the night of his death, but why the long-dead residents of the crumbled prison have now just started to wake back up… This gaming session will feature a small portion of the first book in the “Carrion Crown Adventure Path” and is ideal for 4-6 players who enjoy D&D in a more Gothic-horror setting, rather than a typical hack-and-slash adventure. Pathfinder (4-6 Players) (Sat 1pm-5pm)


Board Games

  • B40 Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Hunger Games is cancelled.

Historical Miniatures

  • H10 Farmer Whites Fields – September 1814 is cancelled.
  • CH23 Battle of Queenstown Heights – October 13, 1812 is cancelled.

Role Playing Games

  • R2 Hourglass Part I: Corporate Raiders is cancelled.
  • R3 One from the Vault is cancelled.
  • R9 Quest for the Magical Checkers is cancelled.
  • R18 A New York X-mas is cancelled.
  • R23 Hourglass Part II: Helter Skelter is cancelled.
  • R34 The Goldfish Experiment is cancelled.
  • R39 Introduction to Cthulhu Invictus & Investigator Creation Workshop is cancelled.
  • R41 The Keys to Christmas Place is cancelled.
  • R46 Mystery in Sardinia is cancelled.
  • R65 Gunslingers in Oz is cancelled.
  • R69 One More from the Vault is cancelled.
  • R75 Pinholes in the Curtain of Night is cancelled.
  • R85 Blood and Glory is cancelled.
  • R98 Regular Show: Clone 117 is cancelled.
  • R107 Crybaby Bridge Investigation is cancelled.
  • R114 Ragnarok of the Gods of Rocktober is cancelled.
  • R122 Premiere: Foundations of Power is cancelled.