Carnage on the Web


  • AnonyCon
    Games so good they turn undead in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Bakuretsucon
    Anime and gaming in Colchester, Vermont every fall.
  • ConnectiCon
    Anime, video games and tabletop pursuits converge on Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Council of 5 Nations
    The Schenectady Wargamers Associations’ annual convention, every Columbus Day weekend.
  • Econocon
    Plymouth State University’s gaming club hosts this New Hampshire convention in the spring.
  • FoxCon
    An autumnal game convention in Maine.
  • Havoc
    Miniatures gaming convention in the Boston, Massachusetts area.
  • Huzzah!
    Portland, Maine hosts this springtime miniatures convention.
  • ICON
    A multimedia extravaganza on Long Island, New York.
  • Ludo-Outaouais
    A board game convention serving the Outaouais area of Quebec.
  • Northeast Wars
    Burlington, Vermont’s original game convention.
  • OGC
    Role-playing and more in Nashua, New Hampshire every summer.
  • TempleCon
    Rhode Island plays host to this steampunk-themed game convention in the winter.
  • TotalCon
    New England’s longest-running game convention, based in Massachusetts.

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