Welcome to Killington, Vermont. Photo by jimmywayne.

Welcome to Killington, Vermont. Photo by jimmywayne.

In November, Carnage-goers take to the Green Mountains of Vermont, convening at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel. Accommodation options include a variety of configurations on-site, including suites, studios and traditional hotel rooms. The resort also manages condominium-style dwellings a five to fifteen minute walk from the base lodge.

To get the Carnage convention rate, call 1-800-282-9955 and specify you’re booking for the “Carnage Gaming” convention. (If you don’t, they might charge too much or say they’re not taking bookings yet.) Call the resort directly. Their online reservation system doesn’t allow booking at the group rate.

In addition to the many function rooms in which gaming takes place during the convention, Killington also offers an indoor-outdoor pool, hot tubs and restaurant and bar to hotel guests. Located in Killington, Vermont, the resort is roughly midway between the eastern and western borders of the state. White River Junction, where Interstates 89 and 91 meet, is 33 miles to the east. 12 miles to the west is Rutland, and the New York state border roughly 18 miles beyond that.

Questions about rooms and their amenities can be directed to the Killington resort. Their phone number is 1-800-282-9955. Their email is info@killington.com.

Other Lodging Options

The Killington area offers many lodging options behind the Killington Grand itself. Travel and business review sites can help travelers find what’s out there for options.